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AR236.B & AR232.B
APAR AR236.B & AR232.B radio loggers
JZ-500 and JZ-500-C black
JZ-500 and JZ-500-C black cables manufac
HF41F subminiature power relays from HON
GOLDTOOL toolsets in cases
Intel® Neural Compute Stick 2
RS Components announces availability of
MC4 solar connector sets
Multifunctional WIHA LED Torch
G2RV-SR interface relays from OMRON
LUP-20-LED-SMD desktop magnifier
Tektronix AFG31000
Tektronix Redefines the Arbitrary/Functi
Melexis – 16×4 Far InfraRed Array
Melexis – 16×4 Far InfraRed Array
The MLX90621 is a 16X4 array of pixels sensitive to thermal infrared radiation. It has improved considerably on speed and temperature resolution (x4) compared to the previous generation product. This exciting high speed product update further broadens the application potential of low cost thermal imaging. Hence Melexis confirms its position as leading sensor supplier in the market for low cost, low resolution thermal imaging and multi-point non-contact temperature measurement.
LED Engin's LZ4 multi-color high-current RGBW emitter
LED Engin's 40 W LZ4 RGBW power emitter produces a full spectrum of brilliant colors with the highest flux density by allowing each die to be driven at up to 3.0 A. Through its compact 2.15 mm x 2.15 mm light emitting area, it delivers more than double the light, doubling the punch from the same fixture utilizing previous generation 4-die RGBW emitters.
LED Engin's LZ4 multi-color high-current RGBW emitter
ProAnt's dual band onboard SMD antenna comes in a compact size for WLAN
ProAnt's dual band onboard SMD antenna comes in a compact size for WLAN
ProAnt is confident that the new onboard SMD antenna for WLAN 2.4 and 5 GHz bands will meet the challenge that designers experience to comply with end users ever-increasing demand for small, compact devices. Enjoying all the proven advantages of the onboard SMD antenna concept, the new onboard SMD WLAN from ProAnt will be the first choice for many development teams. The IoT revolution has only just begun and this new antenna complements the ProAnt product portfolio.
Samtec PCB connector ranges, now available from RS Components, offer core functionality at competitive prices
PCB connectors further enhance the high service capability provided by RS to meet everyday design needs
Samtec PCB connector ranges, now available from RS Components, offer core functionality at competitive prices
Bridgelux's H series white LED array for use in retail and commercial settings
Bridgelux's H series white LED array for use in retail and commercial settings
Bridgelux's H Series is an ultra-high lumen density COB product line, designed for high intensity spotlights used in retail and commercial settings.
Panasonic – Infrared Array Sensor GRID-EYE
Panasonic proudly presents the first–ever Surface Mount Device (SMD) thermopile array sensor, the Grid-EYE. The thermopile sensor features 64 thermopile elements in an 8×8 grid format. You can realize cost-effective and compact solutions for the measurement of temperatures of the entire specified area without any contact.
Panasonic – Infrared Array Sensor GRID-EYE
STGIB10CH60TS-L - SLLIMM 2nd series IPM, 3-phase inverter, 15 A, 600 V short-circuit rugged IGBTs
STGIB10CH60TS-L - SLLIMM 2nd series IPM, 3-phase inverter, 15 A, 600 V short-circuit rugged IGBTs
This second series of SLLIMM (small low-loss intelligent molded module) provides a compact, high performance AC motor drive in a simple, rugged design.
Texas Instruments DAC60096 12-Bit Low Power High Voltage DAC
Texas Instruments DAC60096 12-Bit Low Power High Voltage DAC is a fast-settling, 96-channel, 12-bit, digital-to-analog converter (DAC). The device provides ±10.5V unbuffered, bipolar voltage outputs. The DAC60096 high-channel count, low-power operation, and good linearity make it an ideal solution in systems where a very high number of precise analog outputs is required.
Texas Instruments DAC60096 12-Bit Low Power High Voltage DAC
Extension module for IFS-compatible devices
Extension module for IFS-compatible devices
The new EM-D-8/4-24DC-IFS digital extension module lets you process several field signals in complex applications with Interface-System (IFS) by providing additional digital inputs and outputs.
Rohm Semiconductor BD9611MUV-E2 60V Step-down Switching Regulators
Rohm Semiconductor BD9611MUV-E2 60V Step-down Switching Regulators offer high-resistance and a wide voltage input (10V to 56V) range. BD9611MUV creates design flexibility through user-programmable functions such as soft-start, operating frequency, high-side current limit, and loop compensation.
Carbon Potentiometers from SR Passives
Carbon Potentiometers from SR Passives
logo sr passives R16 series carbon potentiometers are available in mono or stereo versions. They have a 6mm knurled shaft. The offer includes potentiometers with terminals for soldering cables and THT mounting.
60V Low IQ Dual Output Boost + Buck Synchronous DC/DC Controller Maintains Voltage Regulation in Automotive Systems
60V Low IQ Dual Output Boost + Buck Synchronous DC/DC Controller Maintains Voltage Regulation in Automotive Systems
Digital Pyroelectric for Smart Motion Detection
Digital Pyroelectric for Smart Motion Detection
Excelitas Technologies offers compact design, onboard electronics, and digital output streamline integration for smart devices
Versatile and Cost-Effective Pulsed Laser Diodes
Excelitas Technologies' 905 nm pulsed semiconductor, pulsed laser diodes offer beam path parallel or perpendicular to mount plane
Versatile and Cost-Effective Pulsed Laser Diodes
Bosch Sensortec – MEMS sensors & solutions – Product overview
Bosch Sensortec – MEMS sensors & solutions – Product overview
This product category from the family of Application Specific Sensor Nodes (ASSN) – BNO055 and BMF055 – contains the world‘s first 9-axis sensor integrated with a Cortex M0+ processor.
Digi International XBee SX Modules
Digi International XBee SX Modules are 1-Watt 900MHz RF devices that combine reliability and redundancy for low-power, mission-critical wireless applications. The XBee SX utilize the DigiMesh® networking protocol and feature redundant mesh network operation and support for low-power sleeping nodes. These modules have a RF line-of-sight range up to 65 miles with strong interference blocking and combine range, data redundancy and data reliability.
Digi International XBee SX Modules
STW21N150K5 - N-channel 1500 V, 0.7 Ohm typ., 14 A MDmesh K5 Power MOSFET in TO-247 packge
STW21N150K5 - N-channel 1500 V, 0.7 Ohm typ., 14 A MDmesh K5 Power MOSFET in TO-247 packge
This very high voltage N-channel Power MOSFET is designed using MDmesh™ K5 technology based on an innovative proprietary vertical structure.
Hirose Electric FI Series Half Pitch Interface Connectors
Hirose FI Series Half Pitch Interface Connectors have been developed for CNC systems manufactured by Fanuc Ltd. The FI Series is available in IDC for 20 pos. and soldering for 15 and 20 pos. with angled cable exit case, robust die-cast case, and short case available. The connectors feature 1.27mm contact pitch that contributes to the downsizing of electrical devices.
Hirose Electric FI Series Half Pitch Interface Connectors
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The ISS Design Challenge ...
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Mouser Electronics Warehouse Tour with Grant Imahara
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