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AR236.B & AR232.B
APAR AR236.B & AR232.B radio loggers
JZ-500 and JZ-500-C black
JZ-500 and JZ-500-C black cables manufac
HF41F subminiature power relays from HON
GOLDTOOL toolsets in cases
Intel® Neural Compute Stick 2
RS Components announces availability of
MC4 solar connector sets
Multifunctional WIHA LED Torch
G2RV-SR interface relays from OMRON
LUP-20-LED-SMD desktop magnifier
Tektronix AFG31000
Tektronix Redefines the Arbitrary/Functi
60V Low IQ Dual Output Boost + Buck Synchronous DC/DC Controller Maintains Voltage Regulation in Automotive Systems
60V Low IQ Dual Output Boost + Buck Synchronous DC/DC Controller Maintains Voltage Regulation in Automotive Systems
Digital Pyroelectric for Smart Motion Detection
Excelitas Technologies offers compact design, onboard electronics, and digital output streamline integration for smart devices
Digital Pyroelectric for Smart Motion Detection
Versatile and Cost-Effective Pulsed Laser Diodes
Versatile and Cost-Effective Pulsed Laser Diodes
Excelitas Technologies' 905 nm pulsed semiconductor, pulsed laser diodes offer beam path parallel or perpendicular to mount plane
Bosch Sensortec – MEMS sensors & solutions – Product overview
This product category from the family of Application Specific Sensor Nodes (ASSN) – BNO055 and BMF055 – contains the world‘s first 9-axis sensor integrated with a Cortex M0+ processor.
Bosch Sensortec – MEMS sensors & solutions – Product overview
Digi International XBee SX Modules
Digi International XBee SX Modules
Digi International XBee SX Modules are 1-Watt 900MHz RF devices that combine reliability and redundancy for low-power, mission-critical wireless applications. The XBee SX utilize the DigiMesh® networking protocol and feature redundant mesh network operation and support for low-power sleeping nodes. These modules have a RF line-of-sight range up to 65 miles with strong interference blocking and combine range, data redundancy and data reliability.
STW21N150K5 - N-channel 1500 V, 0.7 Ohm typ., 14 A MDmesh K5 Power MOSFET in TO-247 packge
This very high voltage N-channel Power MOSFET is designed using MDmesh™ K5 technology based on an innovative proprietary vertical structure.
STW21N150K5 - N-channel 1500 V, 0.7 Ohm typ., 14 A MDmesh K5 Power MOSFET in TO-247 packge
Hirose Electric FI Series Half Pitch Interface Connectors
Hirose Electric FI Series Half Pitch Interface Connectors
Hirose FI Series Half Pitch Interface Connectors have been developed for CNC systems manufactured by Fanuc Ltd. The FI Series is available in IDC for 20 pos. and soldering for 15 and 20 pos. with angled cable exit case, robust die-cast case, and short case available. The connectors feature 1.27mm contact pitch that contributes to the downsizing of electrical devices.
Leaflet: www.prodejny.online - 5/2016
Leaflet: www.prodejny.online - 5/2016
NCD1015ZP 50 mm Half-Duplex Read Only RFID Transponder
NCD1015ZP 50 mm Half-Duplex Read Only RFID Transponder
IXYS introduces their cylindrical low frequency, half-duplex, read-only radio frequency identification (RFID) transponder
FKN Series - Fusible and Flame-Proof Type Wirewound
Yageo's resistor element is a resistive wire which is wound in a single layer on a ceramic rod, with tinned connecting wires of electrolytic copper welded to the end-caps. The ends of the resistive wire are connected to the caps by welding. The resistors are coated with layers of green color flame-proof lacquer. Overload protection without risk of fire. Wide range of overload currents.
FKN Series - Fusible and Flame-Proof Type Wirewound
RJ45 Connectors from Amphenol
RJ45 Connectors from Amphenol
TME’s offer has been enriched by a range of RJF series RJ45 industrial connectors from AMPHENOL, designed to be used in harsh conditions. The connectors are IP67-compliant and protected against shock and vibrations. In order to install a standard RJ45 Cat 5e plug on a stripped wire, you don’t need any tools. The casing of the RJ45 plug features the quick bayonet locking system (1/4 rotation).
High-current feed-through terminal block with fast connection for large cross sections
With the TW 95 panel feed-through terminal block, Phoenix Contact has rounded off its range of high-current feed-through terminal blocks to include T-LOX connection technology.
Lineup of clamp AC current sensors expanded for high current applications
Lineup of clamp AC current sensors expanded for high current applications
TDK Corporation has expanded its CCT series of clamp AC current sensors with a new 600-A type. The lineup of TDK current sensors is now positioned to meet the high-current sensing needs of energy management systems (EMS) for buildings, factories, stores and communities.
C&K Launches a New Compact, Long-lifetime Double-action Switch Series
Featuring an ultra-miniature footprint & 100,000-cycle lifespans, the new KXT2 Series is ideal for use in next-generation, ultra-compact electronics, including: wearables, mobile phones, portable electronics, action & surveillance cameras, hearing aids, & personal healthcare monitoring systems.
ebm-papst W3G200 and W3G250 AC Powered EC Series Fans
ebm-papst W3G200 and W3G250 AC Powered EC Series Fans
ebm-papst W3G200 and W3G250 AC Powered EC Series Fans feature improved efficiency and controllability with an electronically commutated (EC), permanent magnet, brushless DC motor. The fans feature a motor speed control capability, allowing the user to exactly match changing performance requirements in an application.
Vishay Intertechnology Medium-Power Planar Transformer Provides Higher Efficiency, Space Savings Over Traditional Winding Technology
Device Offers Power From 1 kW to 3 kW in Compact 70 mm by 53 mm by 22 mm Size
Vishay Intertechnology Medium-Power Planar Transformer Provides Higher Efficiency, Space Savings Over Traditional Winding Technology
Excelitas offers its HELIX-902-200 Si APD to streamline low-light level detection integration into the user's design
Excelitas offers its HELIX-902-200 Si APD to streamline low-light level detection integration into the user's design
Excelitas Technologies’ HELIX-902-200 silicon avalanche photodiode (Si APD) module is a compact, easy-to-use, analog low-light-level detection (L3D) module employing their leading-edge Si APD chips. The detector is in a hermetic TO package, mounted on a practical OEM-based PCB which includes high-voltage power supply, temperature compensation, a low-noise transimpedance amplifier, APD bias monitor, and microcontroller.
TE Connectivity / AMP Connectors NECTOR M Power System
TE Connectivity / AMP Connectors NECTOR M Power System is a flexible, fully pluggable, modular wiring connectors and cabling solution for permanent & temporary power and control electrical installations. The NECTOR M power system offers an indoor solution as well as a sealed version for outdoor. With the NECTOR M system, one connector solution addresses power, data, and control requirements.
TE Connectivity / AMP Connectors 
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The ISS Design Challenge ...
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Mouser Electronics Warehouse Tour with Grant Imahara
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