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Panasonic Commercializes "Sheet-Form Encapsulation Material for Coreless Package Substrates"

Panasonic Commercializes "Sheet-Form Encapsulation Material for Coreless Package Substrates"

Panasonic's new material for coreless package substrates is suited for the insulation layer of semiconductor package substrates.

Osaka, Japan - Panasonic Corporation announced today that it has developed a sheet-form encapsulation material (CV2008 series) for coreless package substrates [1] that enables thinner-profile and lower-cost semiconductor packages. The sheet-form encapsulation material, scheduled for mass production from June 2016, is optimized for the insulation layers of coreless package substrates. Its suitability for large-area encapsulation allows thinner packages to be manufactured at lower cost.

With the increasing compact-sizing and ever-higher functionality of mobile terminals such as smartphones, the packages used in these products need to have thinner profiles and lower cost. One noticeable response to this demand has been to develop a new coreless process that differs from the current mainstream buildup process using thin core materials[2]. The market requires an insulation material for coreless processes that shows good productivity and eliminates the need for thin core materials as well as laser drilling processing. Panasonic has responded by using its resin design technology to develop a sheet-form encapsulation material for coreless package substrates.

This new product has the following features:
  1. A sheet-form encapsulation material with a uniformly produced insulation layer thickness is ideal for the new coreless process*1, as it eliminates the need for laser drilling processing. The insulation layer for a package substrate can be produced using a large-area press process, enabling the mass production of packages at lower cost.
    - Sheet thickness is available in the range of 20 - 200 µm.
  2. The high rigidity of the thin sheet encapsulation material minimizes any warpage of packages and contributes to a thinner profile. Modulus of elasticity: 17000 MPa at 25°C.
  3. A low shrinkage rate of material ensures connection reliability to be maintained during high-temperature reflow processes, increasing the production yield of the package assembly process.
    - Shrinkage rate: 0.003%*2
  • *1: Copper pillar resin encapsulation process
  • *2: Shrinkage rate before and after IR reflow at up to 250°C, 4 passes (JIS-K6911)
Suitable applications:

Copper pillar resin encapsulation type coreless package substrates, etc.


This product will be exhibited at ECTC 2016, to be held at The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, from May 31 to June 3, 2016.

Detailed description of its features: 1. A sheet-form encapsulation material with a uniformly produced insulation layer thickness is ideal for the new coreless process, as it eliminates the need for laser drilling processing. The insulation layer for a package substrate can be produced using a large-area press process, enabling the mass production of packages at lower cost.

Conventional package substrates are produced from thin core material including glass cloth, and via [3] forming requires laser drilling processing and through-hole copper plating for connection between both surfaces, resulting in a high-cost process. In contrast, a coreless package substrate using the new copper pillar resin encapsulation process [4] can produce copper pillars by copper plating employing an additive process that eliminates the need for laser drilling processing, leading to a thinner package profile and lower cost. To enable the mass production of package substrates, an easily-managed material is needed that allows the press-forming of a uniform insulation layer over a large area. Panasonic has commercialized a product featuring sheet-formed encapsulation material of uniform thickness that is optimized for coreless processes by applying a unique filler design and proprietary resin design technology. Adoption of this material for the insulation layer enables press forming over a large area, contributing to the mass production of packages at lower cost. Sheet thicknesses from 20 µm to 200 µm can be produced for the wide variety of package types required by customers.

2. The high rigidity of the thin sheet encapsulation material minimizes any warpage of packages and contributes to a thinner profile.

A coreless package substrate carries the risk of increased warpage if its insulation layer is very thin, risking handling problems during the assembly process. To secure reliability in the assembly process, minimal warpage is required, especially for a thin material. The company's unique filler design and resin design technology have achieved high rigidity and strength even with extremely thin sheets, reducing package warpage while maintaining a thin profile.

3. A low shrinkage rate of material ensures connection reliability to be maintained during high-temperature reflow processes, increasing the production yield of the package assembly process.

Since the package assembly process may undergo multiple high temperature reflow processes, a smaller thermal shrinkage rate is required for package substrate materials to prevent bonding defects between the conductor on the substrate and the IC chip. This material has achieved a low shrinkage rate by developing a unique filler design technology that will achieve improved production yield in the assembly process.

[1] Coreless package substrate
A type of semiconductor package substrate that does not use a thin core material (copper-clad laminated board). Coreless package substrates are attracting increasing attention as a replacement for the conventional buildup substrate used for semiconductor packages. A buildup substrate consists of a buildup layer on both sides of a thin core material to support the semiconductor elements, but a coreless package eliminates the thin core material.
[2] Thin core material (copper-clad laminated board)
Produced from glass-fiber cloth, impregnated with epoxy resin, and laminated with copper foil on both sides by thermocompression bonding. A conventional package substrate contains a thin core material.
[3] Via
An electrical connection made between top-layer and bottom-layer wiring in a multi-layer wiring board
[4] Copper pillar resin encapsulation process
A type of coreless package substrate in which copper pillars are initially formed in a additive process, after which an insulation layer is formed.

2016061210 / 12.06.2016 / Electronic-components / PANASONIC /

New Bluetooth 5.0 low energy module PAN1740A for Smart Home applications
New Bluetooth 5.0 low energy module PAN1740A for Smart Home applications
Panasonic Industry launches the successor of the PAN1740 Bluetooth module. The new PAN1740A is the optimized version, offering a quicker boot time and supporting up to eight connections to allow greater flexibility to create more advanced applications. It can be used as a standalone application processor or as a data pump in hosted systems. The device is optimized for remote control units (RCU) requiring support for voice commands and motion/gesture recognition.
Panasonic Industry Europe honours Arrow Electronics, Codico and Schukat for sales growth and excellence in customer service
Panasonic Industry Europe recently honoured its top distributors for excellent customer service and sales in Europe. Arrow Electronics was awarded ‘Distributor of the Year’, Codico received the ‘Regional Distributor of the Year’ award and Schukat was named ‘High Service Distributor of the Year’.
Panasonic Industry Europe honours Arrow Electronics, Codico and Schukat for sales growth and excellence in customer service
Panasonic Commercializes Control Unit ELC500, Which Contributes to the Optimization of Energy Use in Plants by Enabling Monitoring/Control of Power Demand and Visualization of Production Information
Panasonic Commercializes Control Unit ELC500, Which Contributes to the Optimization of Energy Use in Plants by Enabling Monitoring/Control of Power Demand and Visualization of Production Information
The Panasonic TOUGHBOOK FZ-L1 tablet with its optional integrated barcode reader is versatile and cost-effective
Panasonic Industry Europe introduces new FP series automotive-qualified Aluminium electrolytic capacitors ...
Panasonic Industry Europe introduces new FP series automotive-qualified Aluminium electrolytic capacitors ...
... benefiting from very high ripple current (2 to 2.5 times higher than existing FC series products) and large capacitance values (up to 60% higher than existing FC series products). FP series radial lead type devices also feature a high endurance of 4000h up to 5000h at 105°C.
New Host-Controlled Interface Bluetooth RF module PAN1326C from Panasonic offers best-in-class RF performance
Panasonic Industry Europe is releasing a new Host-Controlled Interface (HCI) Bluetooth RF module offering increased BLE data transfer rates by factor 2,5 than previous Bluetooth low energy solutions. The PAN1326C module is Bluetooth-4.2-compliant and benefits from a tiny footprint of only 85.5mm² (9.0mm x 9.5mm x 1.8mm (width x length x height).
New Host-Controlled Interface Bluetooth RF module PAN1326C from Panasonic offers best-in-class RF performance
Nickel-metal hydride batteries from Panasonic for solar-powered applications
Nickel-metal hydride batteries from Panasonic for solar-powered applications
Solar-powered applications require rechargeable batteries that will function reliably even under harsh ambient conditions. Nickel-metal hydride (Ni-MH) batteries from Panasonic provide reliable energy even at high temperatures and extended periods without sunlight; in addition to a long life, they also have a low self-discharge rate.
Pushing the frontiers of knowledge – WARR Hyperloop team and Panasonic Industry Europe work in tandem
Panasonic Industry Europe is announcing its sponsorship of the WARR Hyperloop team from the Technical University in Munich (TUM) which is taking part in the third annual SpaceX Hyperloop Pod Competition this summer.
Pushing the frontiers of knowledge – WARR Hyperloop team and Panasonic Industry Europe work in tandem
Panasonic Industry Europe expands European Distribution Center in Pfaffenhofen
Panasonic Industry Europe expands European Distribution Center in Pfaffenhofen
Panasonic Industry Europe has just expanded its European logistics centre to create an even closer link to the company’s customers in Pfaffenhofen, near Munich. The modernisation of the facility will be celebrated during a small ceremony at the site on 10 August.
Panasonic launches LF Series Electric Double Layer Capacitors (EDLCs) offering best performance and longest lifetime in class
Superior ageing characteristics and low leakage current: ideal backup solution for smart grids and meter infrastructure
Panasonic launches LF Series Electric Double Layer Capacitors (EDLCs) offering best performance and longest lifetime in class
Panasonic Commercializes "Time-lagged UV Curing Adhesive" Suitable for Assembly of Mobile Phone Housings and UV-Protection Panels
Panasonic Commercializes "Time-lagged UV Curing Adhesive" Suitable for Assembly of Mobile Phone Housings and UV-Protection Panels
Panasonic's new "Time-lagged UV Curing Adhesive" makes the assembly process of parts and materials easier as it cures slowly after UV irradiation.
Panasonic Commercializes New "PhotoIC Coupler" for High-speed Communications between Industrial Equipments
Panasonic's new "PhotoIC Coupler", which will enable faster data communication speeds between industrial equipments.
Panasonic Commercializes New "PhotoIC Coupler" 
Panasonic Commercializes "Conductive Polymer Hybrid Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors" for Automotive Use
Panasonic Commercializes "Conductive Polymer Hybrid Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors" for Automotive Use
Panasonic's new "Conductive Polymer Hybrid Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors" enables instantaneous large current supply to power supply circuits of automotive ECU. Panasonic will start mass- producing the new product in Sep. 2016.
Panasonic Commercializes the Large Current "Power Choke Coil" for Automotive Use
Panasonic commercialized 12mm square size (SMD Type) large current "Power Choke Coil" suited for automotive ECU power supply circuits.Panasonic will start mass- producing the new product in Jun. 2016.
Panasonic Commercializes the Large Current "Power Choke Coil" for Automotive Use
Panasonic Commercializes a Substrate Material for Semiconductor Packages Featuring Reduced Internal Stress that Leads to Lower Warpage
Panasonic Commercializes a Substrate Material for Semiconductor Packages Featuring Reduced Internal Stress that Leads to Lower Warpage
Panasonic's new substrate material is suited to a wide variety of semiconductor packages, leading to faster material selection and greater design freedom.
Panasonic Develops Two Types of Connectors for Connecting In-vehicle LED Lamp Modules to Boards
Panasonic will start delivering samples of its new "Board to FPC" and "Board to Wire" connectors in June 2016.
Panasonic Develops Two Types of Connectors for Connecting In-vehicle LED Lamp Modules to Boards
Panasonic Commercializes "Sheet-Form Encapsulation Material for Coreless Package Substrates"
Panasonic Commercializes "Sheet-Form Encapsulation Material for Coreless Package Substrates"
Panasonic's new material for coreless package substrates is suited for the insulation layer of semiconductor package substrates.
Panasonic Launches "DW Relays" Suited for Remote Control of Smart Switches and Power Outlets
Panasonic's new, low-profile DW relay meets overseas safety standards and helps make remote-control systems for smart homes smaller and thinner as well as less power consuming.
Panasonic Launches "DW Relays" Suited for Remote Control of Smart Switches and Power Outlets
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The ISS Design Challenge ...
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Mouser Electronics Warehouse Tour with Grant Imahara
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